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First, let me explain the name.


Wild Days

The days out your dog has with me are a little bit wild. All the best walks are. We're out and about in nature, the dogs are doing what they do best, sniffing, chasing, getting muddy.



I'm not going to explain that part.


& More

Everything else that I give you, the owners.

On my own journey of self-discovery I have learned so much about myself that I daresay the dogs already knew about me. They mirror us, so when we're having a bad day, they have a bad day. When we bring it 100%, they bring it too. For those of you with nervous dogs who come to me for help teaching them how to be brave, I ask you: How about you? How brave are you feeling? Is it your dog that needs a confidence boost, or you?


When a nervous dog's reactivity comes from fear, they need one thing; to know they are safe.

In those situations, it is up to you, their owner, to show them that Everything Is Ok.

They are safe.

They are loved.

They can do this.


And that:

You have got this situation under control.

You have got their back.

You are in their corner.


And that's where I come in.

I am here to show you in those situations that Everything Is Ok. You are safe, you are loved, you have got this. I have got your back, I have got this situation under control and I am in your corner.


I am Aislinn Evans-Wilday and this is Wild Days, Dogs & More.

About Me.

The Wild Days Story

I began Wild Days Dogs & More back in January 2018 when leaving my own two dogs to go to work everyday became unbearable. I left my full-time job for a part-time position and began building up my client base until in December 2019 when I left to run Wild Days full time.

What began as a simple dog walking business has grown into something that I am incredibly proud of and now has loose lead training at it's heart. If your dog pulls on the lead, hop on over to my Loose Lead Training page and find out how I can help you.


Owners have come to me with nervous dogs, looking for a dog walker who will have the patience and experience to manage their dog when they are pulling on the lead or reacting to other dogs.

I have taken these nervous dogs and turned them into calm, confident creatures who no longer feel the need to react to other dogs. This work is so rewarding and these dogs lives and that of their owners are being transformed.



Qualifications and Career

BSc Equine Sports Science 1st class (Hons)

Masters by Research in Characterising the Human-Animal Relationship

Published work: click here to read

15+ years working with a variety of species

Animal Carer, Swansea Community Farm

Animal Unit Supervisor, Riseholme College

Trainee Yard Manager, Southview Riding School

Animal Science Graduate Intern, University of Lincoln

How I Work.

I describe my work as Intuitive Dog Walking...

This means that I follow my intuition when it comes to working with a dog. All dogs are different and what works for one won't necessarily work for another, this is why I won't give you a time frame of how long to expect to be working with me.


I work at your dogs pace, until their confidence has grown and they are no longer reacting to their triggers when they're with me. Then I will invite you to join us on our walks so that you can see what I'm doing and how your dog responds. I will teach you how to do the same and we will continue to walk together, with me training you rather than your dog until such time that you are ready for us to part ways.

Some clients choose to continue working with me once a month as a top-up to keep their skills in check and to prevent old habits from creeping back in.

And of course, I'm only ever a phone call away if you need a pep talk.


"When Ralph joined our family, we had no idea. After a quick Google we found Aislinn and since that day we have been blessed to have her in Ralphie's corner. From advice (and I've needed plenty!) to extra walks last minute, sleep overs and more, Aislinn has been our doggy angel. We are so lucky, she loves and cares for Ralph like her own and he loves her more than he loves his treats. We think she's pretty special too."






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