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Loose Lead Training

Does your dog pull on the lead?

Loose lead walking is one of my favourite things to train, because it makes such a difference to your walks with your dog. Being dragged around isn't fun for you or your dog and the feeling you get when your dog is connected with and listening to you is incomparable.

What To Expect


All new clients, whether you've come to me for walks or training, start with a meet and greet.


This is our time to decide whether we are a right fit for each other: you can see if I'm the right person for you and your dog and I'll be able to tell whether or not you're going to put the work in to get the same results I know your dog will be able to achieve with me. Once you take hold of the lead, it's up to you to continue the work I have started with your dog. I will teach your dog how to loose lead walk and show you that your dog can do it, but you need to show your dog that you expect the same behaviour from them as they give me.


Training is not a silver bullet, it's an ongoing process.


High Intensity Training - £120 per hour


In this single, one hour session, I teach you how to train your dog to loose lead walk. If after the session, you do not keep using the techniques I have taught you, your dog will continue to pull on the lead. Consistency is key and if you follow my method, you will be able to reduce the amount of input required by you until eventually loose lead walking comes naturally to your dog. There will be the odd day when your dog needs reminding and your input is required again, but these will become fewer and further in between and lovely relaxed walks will become the norm.

We start with me walking your dog and teaching them to how loose lead walk whilst I talk you through what I am doing. I explain the behaviours your dog is showing and help you understand your dogs body language. I teach you tips and tricks to get your dog listening and responding to you so that you have a toolkit of things to use on your walks. Then it's your turn, you take the lead and I support you as you ask your dog to loose lead walk in the same way I have. During this time I instruct you on when to use verbal cues and when to reward your dog as timing is crucial. Rewarding at the wrong time inadvertently teaches your dog the wrong thing.


This is an intensive session best suited to owners who learn by doing and who already have a solid foundation of basic training and a good relationship with their adult dog. It is not suitable for puppies.

If your dog doesn't always listen to you, the low intensity trainings will suit you better.


Low Intensity Training - £45 per 30 minutes

In these weekly 30 minute sessions, I train your dog to loose lead walk over a number of walks. Over the weeks, your dog will progress from needing constant positive reinforcement (verbal cue + reward), to offering the behaviour themselves. Once your dog is loose lead walking with minimal input from me, I then invite you to join us on an hour long walk where I teach you how to maintain your dogs new calm walking ability.


All dogs are individual and so the exact length of this process varies but it typically takes 8 weeks.


Top-Up Sessions - £20 per 15 minutes


For owners who want the peace of mind of knowing that their dog is getting the consistency they need to keep their loose lead walking in check, I offer weekly top-up sessions.

A short but fairly intense 15 minute walk where their loose lead walking is kept sharp.


The Turning Point


This is the moment I look out for and get excited about. As the weeks progress, your dogs loose lead walking and responsiveness will noticeably improve until one week (usually about 8 weeks in) when all your progress seemingly goes out of the window. Your dog has their worst walk yet and you wonder what went wrong. This is an excellent sign. At this point, you must double down on your efforts and reinforce to your dog that yes, you do indeed want this new behaviour to stick. Do not allow your dog to revert back to old habits at this stage. This is the turning point and typically, the following week will see your dog transformed into a loose lead walking wonder.

Get in touch to start your loose lead training journey. 




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